Travel and Holidays

A travel management company employs professionals at your service to plan all the minute details of the company’s business trips. They choose the appropriate locations for your company according to your business requirements ( Not only that, they book your itinerary and even acts as your emergency contact during your travel.

However, a corporate company can choose its global business travel destinations according to their requirements. The different location’s ideal for MICE are:


According to studies, Singapore ranks higher in the top preferred MICE destinations in the world ( The Singapore Tourism Board is famous for hosting exclusive business trips for many renowned MNCs across the globe.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that offers all the necessary amenities for organizing several kinds of business meets and conferences. Here, along with well-planned infrastructure, one gets the opportunities of visiting the picture-perfect beaches and stunning rainforests. The easy access to airlines and high-end hotel facilities makes this place as one of the most popular MICE destinations.


Sydney ranks higher in the top MICE destinations around the globe. This region is the second most famous town in the entire Asia-Pacific region. The capital of Australia offers the supreme collection of conference halls and meeting venues for corporate companies. Along with the business meetings, the personnel also get the chance to witness the marvelous scenic beauty of this country.

United States of America

The USA has always been a MICE favorite among the high-end corporate companies in the world. The places famous in the USA for being potential MICE destinations are:

  • Orlando
  • Las Vegas
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Phoenix
  • New York
  • Dallas
  • Washington
  • Nashville
  • San Diego

The vast availability of hotels and conference halls along with cheap and affordable transportation make these places ideal for such meetings ( Along with these benefits, corporate professionals also get to enjoy the scenic beauty of different places in the USA.

United Kingdom

London has retained its position as one of the most favorable MICE destinations over the years. Other UK cities include Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, etc. the largest cities in this country has undergone several modifications to invite more MICE business. The luxurious reserve centers, smooth conveyance, and significant innovations have attracted corporate companies to organize their travel meetings in this region.